…This Blog

Every time I sit down to work on my second post, I find myself wondering, “What am I even doing with this thing? What is the point when there are millions of other people out there who also write blogs? Do I really think I have something to say that people are going to care about?” I guess we’re going to find out.

The tag line says, “A discussion on anything.” That means anything! Life, politics, the world, games, movies, commentary, whatever. I will practice my coding skills (when I get some), design skills, and writing skills. I expect it to be complete garbage at first, so you’re going to have to be patient with the process.

There might be some light swearing and adult topics, but no porn. No graphic images. Lots of sarcasm.

I don’t intend to be divisive, or controversial, but if there is a topic on which I need to write about then I am going to do so. We’re all going to have different opinions on things, and I welcome those opinions. However, please don’t be a troll. There are more than enough places on the internet for trolling.

And hey, maybe the next post will talk about something more interesting than itself.

Feel free to comment below with your opinions, tips, desired topics, and whatever is on your mind!

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